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Protesters Demonstrate Against Donald Trump's Visit To Flint Michigan

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In Today’s episode of So, You Think You’ve Been Oppressed, a white woman in Flint, Michigan, was Tasered multiple times by police officers while she was handcuffed, and now a Black cop is telling her she should have complied. (it’s like America was playing Uno and hit itself with a flip card.)

The incident happened last month but a video of the arrest was sent to WNEM TV5 over the weekend and it has sparked a lot of backlash over the aggressiveness of the officers involved.

From WENM:

The video shows officers arresting a woman and trying to put her in the back of a patrol car, but police say she then began resisting arrest and they tazed [sic] her.

Police were called to the scene on a report saying the woman in question assaulted someone at a bar.

This story is like a far less extreme version of the Ashli Babbitt story. She was a Jan. 6. Capitol rioter who was shot and killed by a Black cop who said he fired because feared for his life, and suddenly very MAGA-minion who detests all things Black Lives Matter were crying about injustice and police brutality while the rest of us were like, “OH PLEASE, SHE WAS A TERRORIST WHO SHOULD HAVE COMPLIED!!!

As for this woman, who police haven’t identifiedI don’t know, I need to see what happened before the video started recording. How can we be sure the armed cops weren’t in danger? Does she have a criminal record? Why didn’t she just comply? If she wasn’t a thug she wouldn’t have been in that position in the first place!

Watch the video below, as originally posted on Facebook.

Nah, but seriously—this woman probably got off light. If a Black person was Tasered a few times while resisting arrest and all that happened was them going limp, this wouldn’t even be a blip on the media radar. There would have had to be beatings and chokeholds involved. Someone would have had to die in police custody. And you better believe any brushes with the law in the victim’s background would have been focused on to the point where half the country would have said they got what they deserved.

Meanwhile, this woman isn’t even being identified publicly. She’ll be all right.

“After being told you’re placed under arrest, it’s not a suggestion, or an invitation to cooperate,” said Det. Sgt. Tyrone Booth, who is Black. “An obligation at that point is to submit to that arrest and doing that by turning around and placing your hands behind your back and accepting the fact that handcuffs will be put on you.”



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