Black Fathers

The D.C.-based "Framing Fatherhood" is a visual ode to Black fathers.

Black fathers dote on their children and flaunt their love on social media.

After pushing the absent Black father myth, Herschel Walker is being called a hypocrite.

Need help finding a present for Father's Day? These ideas are perfect for Black dads all over.

The fact of the matter is -- and has been for quite some time -- that Black men, compared to white and Hispanic fathers, are the most involved in their children’s daily lives, statistics show.

A new podcast dubbed Black Talk: Conversations with My Son aims to foster healthy conversations between Black fathers and their children.

A Boston-based nonprofit is on a mission to help incarcerated fathers build stronger relationships with their children.

A group of Black dads from Mississippi cheered on students outside of Barack H. Obama Magnet Elementary on the first day of school.

Missississippi Gov. Phil Bryant blew a racist dog whistle with his "baby daddies" comment.

A Facebook group is looking to change negative perceptions surrounding Black fathers.

Officials drop their child abuse investigation of Tyrese Gibson in the actor's custody battle with his ex-wife.

I’m Black, female, and a product of a two-parent household – this shouldn’t be an anomaly. Thanks to my dad, I can charm or argue my way out of (and in some cases into) almost anything; my father basically originated the concept of using a “charm offensive.” He is the shadow mayor of our small […]