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Bryan Fischer will say anything to legitimize his beliefs that gay people are cooties-having hedonists destined for a life of hell. Their greatest crime? Not anal, not vaginal for vaginal relations, but daring to ask the majority at large that they treat people different from them with common decency and give them the same legal protections that they and their sexless marriages enjoy.

When Don’t Ask , Don’t Tell was repealed, Fischer said it would lead to more pedophilia. Apparently, the road to Michael Sam is paved in R. Kelly stones (allegedly).

Fischer once compared homosexuality to robbery, arguing, “Public policy should be based on reason, not emotion. If it turned out my son was a bank robber, I would not love my son any less.”

When Fischer found out that Jason Collins had a twin brother who wasn’t gay, he said that proved that homosexuality is a choice. Science and a bunch of gay siblings, disagree, but whatever, Fischer. It’s your deranged little world. We’re all just being sensible in it.

And when it came to children of gay couples, Fischer declared that they ought to be seized “underground railroad style.”

Now Bryan Fischer says he’s denouncing homosexuality out of his love of Black men. In this most recent exercise in crock, Fisher speaks on HIV/AIDS, noting:

“This is black genocide. If you are for the legalization of homosexuality, you are for the acceptability of homosexuality, you are for the normalization of homosexuality, you do not care about black males. You have no compassion in your black heart for black males because they’re being decimated by HIV/AIDS … So why am I opposed to the normalization of homosexual behavior? Because I love black males. I want black males to live long, prosperous, healthy, disease-free lives.”

Unfortunately, I’m well aware of Bryan Fischer. The only time he ever talks about Black men, it’s just one and he’s none too kind. Fischer once opined that President Obama has a “heart of darkness.” He’s help spread the conspiracy theory that Obama was photoshopped in the situation room on the night Osama bin Laden’s compound was raided. He believes Hindi demons have infiltrated the White House. He’s called on Obama’s impeachment for “educational purposes.”

And to bring it on home, Fisher feels that Obama is “ignorant” about homosexuality given “gays have no right to sodomy.” I’m pretty sure the Supreme Court settled that debate a while ago, but again, your world, Fischer.

Still, Bryan Fischer loves Black men about as much as I love singing Beyoncé’s “Partition” with a grand wizard outside during a New York snow storm.

True enough, there is a bit of a crisis when it comes to Black and Latino gay men being exposed to HIV/AIDS, but the unrealistic call for an end of the gay and the gay remix of sex is not going to help matters.

As the New York Times reports:

Nationally, when only men under 25 infected through gay sex are counted, 80 percent are black or Hispanic — even though they engage in less high-risk behavior than their white peers.

The prospects for change look grim. Critics say little is being done to save this group, and none of it with any great urgency.

“There wasn’t even an ad campaign aimed at young black men until last year — what’s that about?” said Krishna Stone, a spokeswoman for GMHC, which was founded in the 1980s as the Gay Men’s Health Crisis.

Phill Wilson, president of the Black AIDS Institute in Los Angeles, said there were “no models out there right now for reaching these men.”

Federal and state health officials agreed that it had taken years to shift prevention messages away from targets chosen 30 years ago: men who frequent gay bars, many of whom are white and middle-class, and heterosexual teenagers, who are at relatively low risk. Funding for health agencies has been flat, and there has been little political pressure to focus on young gay blacks and Hispanics.

Reaching those men “is the Holy Grail, and we’re working on it,” said Dr. Jonathan Mermin, director of H.I.V. prevention at the C.D.C.

So it’s about a lack of push to reach the poor, gay Black and Latino men that is the crux of the problem. I’d love to see Fischer pitch in on that from, but I am pretty sure I should put my faith on a more plausible outcome. Say, Bryan Fischer passing on one day and ending up in a personal hell in which Jesus Christ looks exactly like RuPaul. Here’s hoping there is a Saint Peter and he greets this hateful somebody with, “You better werk.”

God bless, crazy.

Michael Arceneaux is from the land of Beyoncé, but now lives in the city of Master Splinters. Follow him at @youngsinick.