By the time they enter kindergarten, 1 out of 4 African-American boys in California expect to never be successful, according to last year’s findings by the state’s Assembly. In response, schools and various organizations in Oakland are focusing their energies to reverse the fortunes of young Black boys and men in the state. SEE ALSO: President […]

A new registry compiled by two major universities reveals that more than 2,000 prisoners were incorrectly imprisoned for serious crimes since 1989. After perusing the registry, it has been uncovered that more than half of the newly exonerated prisoners were African American, according to Newser. SEE ALSO: Remembering Haiti’s Past The University of Michigan Law […]

When I went to the screening of Spike Lee’s movie Malcolm X , Rodney King was sitting in the front row and I was seated next to Alice Walker. At that time he was the proof of what Black men had been saying for so long: The police are trying to kill us unjustly and […]