Good News

SheaMoisture has launched a $1 million fund to support business owners of color amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

One of the more understated casualties from the sudden economic and social effects of the coronavirus has been Black-owned businesses.

The ongoing debate over whether to build and operate new casinos in Virginia has failed to take the commonwealth’s Black residents and their economic opportunities into consideration, African American business leaders say.


The Strivers’ Row project brings awareness to Black-owned businesses in New York City.

Good News

Lyft is offering free rides to Black-owned businesses, Black museums and other cultural institutions for Black History Month.

Someone defaced the front of a black-owned Denver coffee shop with the N-word.

More disappointments as the neighborhood gentrifies.

An African-American employee sued celebrity chef Marcus Samuelsson for racial discrimination.

Good News

A new book penned by author Shomari Wills delves into the journeys of Black pioneers who became entrepreneurs after slavery.

A group of supporters gathered at a New York bar to support the owner who’s getting pushed out of the neighborhood by gentrification.


Harlem Capital Partners is an initiative designed to invest in businesses created by at least 1,000 diverse entrepreneurs over the next two decades.

A federal judge ruled that six Black-owned funeral homes can sue a county coroner for steering business to White-owned funeral homes.