Family & Parenting

Why a National Day Without Child Care matters.

A recent study released by the UNCF (United Negro College Fund) suggests that Black parents want to see more Black teachers in education. 


The very thing that parental rights advocates want to exclude in 2023 is the very thing that parental rights groups of the 1960s fought to have included: an accurate depiction of Black people in tAmerican history and culture.

What parents can do to ensure good school years for their kids.

Here are a few slang words that Black parents should have on their radar.

Race Matters

Black parents in Loudoun County, Virginia, talked about how, for years, they showed up to school board meetings—just as the white CRT opposers do—to discuss Black students being forced to endure humiliating and disturbing lessons that trivialized slavery by turning it into a game. They said their concerns went ignored.


A Republican-endorsed video that Rep. Jerry Nadler successfully prevented from being played during a House Judiciary Committee hearing disproportionately features Black parents pushing anti-critical race theory propaganda.


School suspensions don’t just unfairly penalize Black students – they lead to lower grades and "Black flight."

Parents of color have an opportunity to offer counter-stories that focus on people who look like us, as opposed to having our children forced to learn from narratives written from a European or white perspective.


In what has become known as "The Talk," which parents give Black boys about police encounters, I also teach my daughter to respect authority, but that she should never allow her rights to be violated.