Black Politicians

This weekend, I spoke at The Symposium on Barack Obama and American Democracy, held at Tufts University.  The brilliant scholar behind the event, Dr. Peniel Joseph, has written extensively about what President Obama’s rise has meant for black America and black power in general. 

From Well, this isn’t going to soothe the GOP’s internal critics of Michael Steele, who worry that his celebrity distracts him from the party’s message.

From CNN: New York — New York Gov. David Paterson said Friday that he will not seek election to a full term in office. “There are times in politics when you have to know not to strive for service but to step back,” he said. He said it was not the “latest distraction but an […]

From Governor David Paterson may go down as having the strangest governorship in New York state history, if not American history.

HEMPSTEAD, N.Y. – David Paterson has launched a campaign for a full four-year term as New York’s governor.

From D.C. Council member Marion Barry, the Ward 8 Democrat who is a former mayor of Washington, violated city law by awarding a $15,000 contract to his then-girlfriend, according to findings in an independent investigation released Tuesday.

From Michael Steele’s tenure as Republican National Committee chairman has come with considerable controversy, particularly his frequent verbal slip-ups that have even angered many in his own party.

From Republicans have turned overwhelmingly against President Obama, while Democrats are still largely supportive — leading to the most polarized approval ratings ever recorded during a president’s first year in office, a new report by Gallup finds.

From CQ reports that Angela McGlowan, a Fox News contributor and author of “BAMBOOZLED: How Americans Are Being Exploited by the Lies of the Liberal Agenda,” is going to enter the race for the House seat currently held by Rep. Travis Childers (D-Miss.).

From Bruised if unbroken, President Barack Obama faces shrinking public confidence, increasingly negative views of the country’s direction and far lower ratings than those he carried triumphantly into the White House a year ago this week.