Civil Rights & Social Justice

Four years after her police killing, Breonna Taylor's life continues to matter because she deserved to live.

Police Brutality

Ben Crump compared it to Breonna Taylor's shooting.

A judge declared a mistrial in the civil rights trial of the ex-Louisville officer charged in the police raid that killed Breonna Taylor.

Votes in the Kentucky county where Breonna Taylor was killed spoke volumes.

Myles Cosgrove, who killed Breonna Taylor, rammed his car into a truck and then pulled his gun on the owner and bystanders, witnesses said.

Jacquelyn Gwinn-Villaroel, Louisville's newly appointed police chief is facing criticism of her secret hiring in December.

Ex-Louisville officer, Myles Cosgrove, who shot and killed Breonna Taylor is getting a new job in law enforcement. 

The DOJ's scathing report about discriminatory law enforcement tactics that have long plagued Louisville police came days before the three-year date since cops killed Breonna Taylor.


The loss of Black Twitter could make it difficult to raise awareness about police brutality.

Kenneth Walker, Breonna Taylor's boyfriend, spoke out an episode of "Red Table Talk."

Louisville Metro Department of Corrections officer Turhan Knight was fired over a video mocking Breonna Taylor's death.