Odell Beckham Jr., Saquon Barkley, Tyrann Mathieu, Deshaun Mahomes, and more speak out.

Along with defiance of social distancing orders, experts say the cops' use of tear gas is making things worse.

At just nine years old, Judeah Reynolds' young life has changed forever after witnessing a white Minneapolis police officer kill an unarmed Black man in broad daylight.

The surprise retirement announcement by Lousiville Metro Police Department Chief Steve Conrad came about two months after cops botched a warrant and shot Breonna Taylor eight times while she was sleeping.

Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron was placed in charge of the case to determine if any charges are warranted for the botched police raid that killed Breonna Taylor.

The police shooting and killing Breonna Taylor while she slept in her own home adds a brand new dimension to the lengthening list of normal human activities that Black people must now be vigilant about doing.

The type of "no-knock" search warrant used in the Louisville Police Department's botched raid that killed Breonna Taylor has a deadly history when they're not executed correctly.