Texas Gov. Greg Abbott pointed to gun violence in Chicago to deflect responsibility for the Uvalde school shooting in his own state.

A review of data from several cities suggests the gunshot detection system is an expensive flop, potentially exposing Black communities to unnecessary police interactions.

Black women in Chicago had the 'sharpest growth' in obtaining concealed carry gun permits over the past two years. It's a trend seen nationwide.

At least 102 were shot despite the deployment of technology and 1,300 extra officers.

It's too soon to declare victory, but the city is hopeful.

Roland Martin interviewed Black Trump supporter Pastor Darrell Scott on NewsOne Now to delve into his plans to tackle Chicago's gang violence problem.


Ohio pastor Darrell Scott is moving his much-talked summit to address gun violence in Chicago to Washington, D.C. Tuesday after talking with President Donald Trump about the idea in February.

The Chicago Police Department said Thursday that four people were killed in four hours and a pregnant woman was found dead during a violent spree of attacks that included at least nine victims.

A Chicago man, who was charged with murder but beat the case due to prosecutors neglecting to give him a speedy trial, was killed just minutes after being released from jail Monday night.

Chicago police arrested two more men Friday in connection with the deadly Valentine's Day shooting of a 2-year-old boy, whose horrifying death was streamed on Facebook.

President Donald Trump awkwardly pressed April Ryan about having friends within the Congressional Black Caucus after the Black journalist questioned him about improving inner cities during a contentious press conference Thursday.

A two-year-old boy was fatally shot in Chicago Tuesday in what police suspect was a gang hit amid ongoing gun violence in the city that has drawn attention from President Donald Trump.