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Pastor Darrell Scott finally held a much-discussed gang summit last week in Washington, D.C. The Ohio church leader’s plans to address Chicago’s gun and gang violence were discussed with a delegation of former gang leaders in a formal setting, and Roland Martin interviewed the pastor on NewsOne Now to discuss the event.

Initially planned for March, the meeting took place at Washington’s St. Regis Hotel. Scott and a collection of individuals representing both economic and social interests met with a group of men organized by Torrence Cooksan anti-gang activist.

Cooks is reported to be the “top gang thug” that Scott referred to in a proposal to President Donald Trump to help “lower the body count” back in February.

Martin spoke with Scott via Skype and got to the heart of his goals. Scott said former gang leaders shared a bevy of ideas that would benefit Chicago youth across the board.

Martin challenged Trump’s chest-puffing “law and order” decree and stated that Chicago’s issues run far deeper than law enforcement and should extend to economic and housing opportunities, job creation, community organization, education, and other factors that the administration can assist with.

Scott confirmed that he and his team address Martin’s concerns about Trump’s intentions and that of Chicago residents in moving ahead with plans to provide aid. Martin stressed a need for accountability for the pastor’s lofty plans and said that NewsOne Now will be covering the happenings as they occur.

During last week’s meeting, six Chicago residents discussed plans to build a community initiative called “Stronger Together” that would tackle the city’s crumbling housing infrastructure and construct a technical high school, reports

Cooks was profiled by the Chicago Tribune shortly after Scott introduced him as a gang member, which the pastor has since walked back. For his part, Cooks, 43, denies any involvement in gang activity although the publication notes that his name has been connected to some groups.

SOURCE:, Chicago Tribune


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