As the veteran anchor heads out, folks want a Black woman to take his place.

Earlier this morning, the usually well meaning Chris Matthews made an interesting observation about Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), one of the key players in the now-official government shutdown. Matthews said on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” “Ted Cruz is brilliant. I think President Obama may have met his match.” I immediately had to flip to something more […]


MSNBC Hardball host Chris Matthews decided to speak for “all White  people” and apologize for racism in the United States and was attacked by White people on Twitter for his efforts. Matthews was speaking with guests Michael Steele, former Republican National Committee chairman and MSNBC political analyst, and Val Nicholas, vice president and creative director […]


When the chairman of the Republican National Committee, Reince Priebus, made an appearance to promote the Republican National Convention on NBC News’ “Morning Joe,” little did he know he was about to find himself in the wake of Hurricane Chris Matthews. Matthews, host of  the liberal political program, “Hardball,” is known for calling people out […]

New Jersey — After MSNBC host Chris Matthews made some fat joke about obese New Jersey Republican Governor, Chris Chrsitie, Fox News Host Neil Cavuto compared Matthews’ fat jokes to racism. “Judging our leaders not by the qualities that matter, but the nonsense like this that does not – where greatness is defined not by […]

Five little words — “I forgot he was black” — have exposed a contradiction in the idea of a post-racial nation.

Chris Matthews made the “mistake” of saying that he forgot the President was Black after last night’s State of the Union address. This is coming from an Obama-lover, a fanboy, if you will. I somehow highly doubt that Matthews meant that statement in the way that most critics seem to have taken it but it […]

Watch him explain the controversial remark in this video: RELATED STORIES Obama Vows To Restore “Tested” Nation In State Of The Union Obama Will Admit Missteps In State Of The Union Address ———— [8:45 a.m. – 1/28/2010] – Chris Matthews Says “I Forgot Obama Was Black” From the Huffington Post: Chris Matthews is definitely going […]