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The Trump-supporting Black comedian who offered up a wild conspiracy theory about accused child sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein’s reported prison suicide last weekend is now complaining that he was being targeted with threats in part because the president retweeted the video.

Now, Terrence K. Williams has posted yet another video to his social media channels on Tuesday that, in addition to announcing he’s gotten death threats, claimed “Facebook is after me” and that he was “worried about my safety,” sparking a fresh round of conspiracy theories.

“Facebook has sent out their fact-checkers to fact check my page,” Williams said in the new video accompanied by the hashtag #ProtectTerrenceKWilliams, which became a top trending topic Tuesday afternoon. “They are telling my followers that my page is fake news – that my content is fake news. I am a comedian. How can you fact check a joke?”

Willims went on to appeal to Trump to “do something about this free speech stuff. They are coming after conservatives and Trump supporters because 2020 is around the corner. And they are trying to shut me down. If anything happens to me, y’all, just know somebody on the left did it. Somebody who don’t like Trump did it.”

Williams denied being suicidal or thinking about hurting others, urging his followers to understand that if he turned up dead it wouldn’t be because he killed himself.

Watch the video below.

Tuesday’s video followed the first video Saturday afternoon, hours after news broke that Epstein hanged himself. Williams implied that Bill Clinton played a role in Epstein’s death because the disgraced accused pedophile “had information on” the former president. The part about Clinton’s theoretical involvement in Epstein’s death appeared to be what prompted Trump to retweet the video.

Earlier in the day Tuesday, Williams tweeted a video of Trump thanking the president for his “kind words” and saying his opponents “have nothing else to complain about since the Russia HOAX is over!”

It was unclear where Williams’ opinion stood on Sandra Bland, another person who suffered a high-profile death behind bars. When she was found dead in her Waller County Jail cell a little more than four years ago, there was little outrage aside from social justice protesters like Black Lives Matter. However, when Epstein — who had previously failed to kill himself before apparently proving successful Saturday morning — was found dead, Williams was among the first to scream about an unfounded partisan conspiracy theory. That line of thinking was peak white privilege, even for the Black man that Williams is.

Twitter users were reacting with skepticism to Williams’ series of social media posts, as shown by the below selection of tweets mocking him and his latest claim of an unfounded, Trump-sympathizing conspiracy theory.