The Georgia officer has a history of making violent traffic stops.

Leonard Cure spent 16 years in prison for a crime he didn't do before being shot at a traffic stop.


Leonard Allan Cure – who was exonerated from a wrongful life sentence he served 16 years of – was killed in Camden County, Georgia, during an ambiguously described traffic stop.

After graphic bodycam video was released, the family of Ta'Kiya Young, a pregnant Black driver killed by Ohio police, wants the cops to be charged with the death of her unborn daughter, too.

Civil Rights & Social Justice

The footage seemingly contradicts the initial police narrative that Ta'Kiya Young accelerated toward an officer.

Ta'Kiya Young's family is demanding to see the bodycam video.

Police killed a Black teen driver in a Paris suburb, sparking outrage.

Cops shot Walker 46 times in Akron, Ohio.

Dalaneo Martin, a 17-year-old father, was shot multiple times from inside a car he was driving.

In a new low, Huntington Park police shot and killed Anthony Lowe, a Black man with amputated legs, and defended doing so.

Civil Rights & Social Justice

Derrick Kittling, a Black driver killed at a traffic stop, is the brother of a top state police official.

A Grand Rapids judge announced Monday that a former Michigan police officer who killed an unarmed Black motorist will stand trial for murder.