Amid Labor Day, work still remains to ensure federal government jobs are creating real economic advancement for Black people, NAACP President Derrick Jackson and CWA President Claude Cummings write.


Let’s revisit a classic of that power-abusing genre featuring its greatest star, Richard M. Nixon.


We can no longer (not that we ever could) afford to operate in a culture of avoidance.

Polls in recent months have shown Americans, including those identifying as Republicans, support allowing the federal government to negotiate lower drug prices.  

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama will ask Congress on Friday for greater power to shrink the federal government, and his first idea is merging six sprawling trade and commerce agencies whose overlapping programs can be baffling to businesses, a senior administration official told The Associated Press. SEE ALSO: Why The First Lady Can’t Win Obama […]

Concerned pastors are making a statement to Congress today: Don’t balance the federal budget on the backs of the poor. As Republicans and Democrats fight over cuts, taxes and debt limits, faith leaders are worried that the ultimate losers will be the programs relied on by the poorest Americans for food, education and health care. […]

Civil rights activist the Rev. Al Sharpton vowed this week to file a federal inquiry into the death of Mitrice Richardson, a missing 25-year-old woman thought to be mentally ill whose remains were found last week. She had been allowed to leave a sheriff’s station nearly a year ago against the wishes of her parents.

Fast, overwhelming, decisive: It's a case study in how tightly connected 21st-century media can whip a story into a full-on tsunami, with startling consequences for individual careers and national policy.

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama sent Congress a $3.83 trillion budget on Monday that would pour more money into the fight against high unemployment, boost taxes on the wealthy and freeze spending for a wide swath of government programs.