Black people are far less likely to be able to take on the role of a "good guy with a gun" without the risk of being shot by the police.


Anthony "T.J." Antell Jr. confronted Ricci Bradden after he witnessed the 22-year-old Army private shoot at the feet of his wife during an argument

Bradley Holt (pictured), a caring hero, is now, unfortunately, a dead one.   The 24-year-old Miami man was shot to death for merely asking a reckless driver to slow down because children were playing on the streets according to NBC News 6. Holt was outside his apartment complex when he spotted a yellow Mustang driving […]

OAKLAND, Calif. — A  good samaritan who distributed meals to the homeless and less fortunate was killed in Oakland, Calif. on Wednesday. Paris Powell, 29, was shot in the head while delivering food from his family’s van on the 1000 block of 47th Avenue in Oakland. Powell’s wife and 3-year-old step daughter were also struck, but […]