From CNN: Port-au-Prince, Haiti — Ronide Baduel keeps a broken teacup tucked away for safekeeping. One day, she will look at it, maybe even smile, and recall how life’s rhythms shifted with the earth in January.

From the Jamaica Observer: WASHINGTON, USA — The World Bank says the Haiti Reconstruction Fund (HRF) has gathered momentum after Brazil contributed US$55 million to the multilateral mechanism set up to help the impoverished, French-speaking Caribbean Community (Caricom) country rebuild following the January 12 devastating earthquake. Click here to view photos. But the Washington-based financial […]

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti — Police fired tear gas outside the ruins of Haiti’s national palace Monday to control 2,000 demonstrators calling for President Rene Preval’s resignation in the largest political protest since the Jan. 12 earthquake.

From the Washington Post: PORT-AU-PRINCE — They pound concrete. Smash it over and over. Smash it until it powders. Click here to view photos. The pounding starts at dawn, when the men with the calloused hands crawl by the hundreds, antlike, over and into the ruins of this broken city, from the toppled old market-houses […]

World renowned photographer, Peter Dean Rickards recently made a trip to Port Au Prince for a five hour trip to capture the tragedy of the Haitian earthquake for First-Magazine. What he came up with is a collection of photos that not only captured the horror of the earthquake, but also the vibrant humanity of Haiti […]

From PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti — Fabienne Jean, a professional dancer who lost her right leg in the earthquake, hopped on her slim left leg through the dusty General Hospital compound on her way to a very important X-ray.

NEW YORK – Logistical challenges and potentially bitter disputes lie ahead as passionate advocates of adoption press for changes that might enable thousands of Haitian children affected by the earthquake to be placed in U.S. homes.

From CNN: Miami, Florida– Four days after Haiti’s earthquake, a 2-month-old baby girl was brought to a field hospital barely alive, her skull fractured, her ribs broken, her pulse dangerously low.

From As she struggled with junior high algebra at SS. Joachim and Anne School in Queens, Marie-Dominique Toussaint knew where it was all supposed to lead: she would be a doctor

This Washington Post story provides a perspective on the aftermath of the earthquake in Haiti that, until now, we haven’t heard much about: How has the devastation in the capital affected the rest of the nation? Much of the coverage of post-quake refugees from Port-au-Prince has focused on those seeking entrance to the U.S., but […]

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama on Wednesday renewed America’s commitment to the recovery and reconstruction of earthquake-devastated Haiti, telling visiting President Rene Preval he knows the crisis has not passed.