Hillary Clinton

Tributes from political allies and even one-time enemies came pouring in for Democratic U.S. Rep. Stephanie Tubbs Jones, a trailblazer whose energy and outspokenness made her one of Congress’ most dynamic leaders.

If the year 2000 belongs to the Supreme Court, then 2008 belongs to the media. This year will go down as the one when the mainstream media worked over time to sabotage the Democratic primary.

I’m not quite sure what Ludacris was thinking when he called Hillary Clinton a ‘B—-’ on his latest song, ‘Politics (Dedication to Obama). She still has an outside chance of being his vice president and will definitely be an influential force in his campaign. If it were any other rapper who said it, it wouldn’t […]

Back in 2004, when everybody from the Village Voice to members of her own party were telling Hillary Clinton to chill and let that stiff John Kerry take the fall in what was sure to be a disastrous presidential election for the Democrats, Hillary listened but flirted nonetheless with the idea of entering the race […]