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Sen. Bernie Sanders appears to have rubbed some folks the wrong way as of late. On the heels of the Democratic presidential candidate canceling his rally in Jackson, Mississippi, which was primarily to appeal to Black voters in the state, to focus on voters in Michigan, a video has been circulating social media from former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s recent “Hillary” documentary, where she is candidly sharing her true thoughts on Sanders. And apparently, she isn’t alone.

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“Honestly, Bernie just drove me crazy,” Clinton said. “He was in Congress for years, years. He had one Senator support him. Nobody likes him, nobody wants to work with him. He got nothing done. He was a career politician. He did not work until he was like 41, and then he got elected to something.”

Clinton added, “It was all just bologna and I feel so bad that people got sucked into it.”

Many folks were speaking Clinton’s praises on her thoughts about the Democratic presidential candidate.

“It’s funny how it was leaked that Hillary said, ‘no one likes Bernie,’ sand no one is coming forward to say it’s not true.  He is a divisive candidate who doesn’t have the abilities to bring together a coalition of led, middle, and right leaning Democrats,” said one person.

Another wrote, “OH MY GAWD!!!  And she DESTROYED him with his own TRUTH!!!! MURDER SHE WROTE MURDER SHE WROTE   When’s the repass?!?!!!!”

While folks were siding with Clinton on social media, they also criticized Sanders canceling his Mississippi rally.

One Twitter user said, “Bernie Sanders avoided Selma. Bernie cancels in Mississippi. Bernie dismisses Southern Black voters. Tell me again how he’s a civil rights icon?

“Would he have won Mississippi? No. But, don’t get on @maddow act all confused and humina-humina about why The Blacks still don’t like you when you leave South Carolina before the primary, skip Selma (for Boston of all places), and now ditch Mississippi,” said another.

Sanders was scheduled to hold the rally on Friday at the Two Mississippi Museums, just days before the state’s primary on Tuesday. The senator’s campaign sent out an email announcing the cancellation of the event, according to the Clarion Ledger.

“Bernie 2020 will continue to campaign in Mississippi and is sending senior campaign staff members and surrogates to represent the senator ahead of the state’s primary ….” the email said.

According to a report from The New York Times, Sanders will be heading to Michigan instead, where the state’s primary will also be held on Tuesday.

While it is uncertain why Sanders canceled his rally, it was revealed on Thursday that Mississippi’s only Democratic congressman, Bennie Thompson, announced his endorsement for former Vice President Joe Biden, according to WTOK. Whether this has anything to with Sanders’ decision is unclear.

However, folks on social media aren’t pleased with the senator for more reasons than one.


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