Hillary Clinton

The Army Corps issued a letter demanding that the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe vacate the land so that they can move forward with building the controversial oil pipeline.

The Rev. Jesse Jackson recently called for President Obama to issue a blanket pardon to Hillary Clinton before he leaves office. He said issuing the pardon could also help to heal the nation.

He was spotted distributing $100 bills to employees at a McDonald’s in Fort Worth.

Democrats are dissecting the outcome of the 2016 presidential election after one of the biggest political upsets in history.

It’s crucial to find joy and light in all this darkness.

Donald Trump's election win has stirred up negative feelings among many Black Americans.

Clarence B. Jones, former adviser to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and currently the Diversity Visiting Professor and Scholar at the University of San Francisco in California, shared his views on how Black America can survive and move forward during Donald Trump's tenure as President of the United States.

Roland Martin and Rev. Jackson discuss the challenges facing Black America under a Trump presidency.

"For many, Bannon is one of the leaders of this so-called Alt-Right," Roland Martin says.

Dave Chappelle‘s long-awaited return to TV exceeded all expectations on Saturday Night Live.

In the wake of the recent presidential election, we have felt a tremendous wave of confusion, disappointment and despair from some of our team members, and especially from you, our readers.

We tend to underestimate the power and symbolism of fashion within major historical moments, but the nation could not ignore the Clintons' message.