The city of Atlanta has raised $50 million to build houses for homeless families.

A 3-year-old from North Carolina has donated sales from her lemonade stand to help homeless mothers and children.

Over 100 homeless students in New York City graduated from high school and are college-bound.

A 13-year-old bakery owner from Maryland is using his business to combat hunger amongst the homeless.

After spending two years living in a shelter, 8-year-old New York State chess champion Tanitoluwa Adewumi and his family now have a home.

A Chicago woman is leading an effort to rent out hotel rooms for the city’s homeless population during the dangerously cold weather.

Richard Jenkins, a teen who was once homeless, has received a full-ride scholarship to Harvard University.

Brennon Jones, the Philadelphia man behind the “Haircuts 4 Homeless” initiative, was gifted with his own barbershop.

The 49ers quarterback donated his sneaker collection to orphanages and homeless shelters in the San Francisco Bay area.

Officer Matthew Luckhurst's lawyer said that even though his client bragged about the act to his colleagues, it never really happened.

Chris Bentley and Carlos Miller, Florida natives, began a non-profit called, "Live Fresh Palm Beach County." Bentley and Miller converted a 29.5-foot trailer into an air-conditioned mobile shower and personal hygiene facility. The trailer has a total of six private wash rooms, and makes three weekly stops in the Palm Beach area.

​​ The city of Baltimore just got a little brighter after a photo of a teen praying over a homeless man went viral. Eric Gaines, a University of Maryland police officer, captured the moment last Tuesday while patrolling. After posting the image on Facebook, thousands praised the young man for the sweet gesture. Speaking to ABC […]