Tim Scott says his "opponents" are to blame for the media focus on him not being married while running for president and that "voters don't care." But Republican donors sure do...


Donors reportedly want to know as they look 2024 campaigns to support.

Help us celebrate love and equality for all as we list some of our favorite black LGBTQ celebrities who got married and put a ring on it!


Black women are ensnared by interlocking social structures that render them single for far longer than they intend, with fewer intraracial dating options, theologian and author Ekemini Uwan writes.

This is the fourth marriage for Stacey Dash. She reportedly married Jeffrey Marty after only knowing him for 10 days.


Cyntoia Brown's husband will try to take her money, according to Pam Long from the 90s R&B group Total, his ex-wife.