On Thursday, Oct. 21, the group will lead a conversation putting 'me too' in context with the broader global fight to disrupt sexual and gender-based violence. And Friday, Oct. 22, is set aside as a day of celebration with joy, art, yoga, and a dance party. 

Good News

#MeToo founder Tarana Burke has inked a production deal with CBS Studios.

The sexual assault allegations against Joe Biden and Justin Fairfax have so many similarities, but the responses to them have varied wildly. Why?

The actor has had enough of the jokes.

The actor opened up about the "cult of toxic masculinity."

Tarana Burke, the founder of the #MeToo movement, wants sexual abuse survivors to have an easier time in seeking justice through the Child Victims Act.


The #MeToo movement was originally created by social activist Tarana Burke 10 years before the Harvey Weinstein scandal.