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"I learned that one of my family members became one of over 30,000 Americans who die every year as a result of gun violence. My cousin became one of the tragic statistics that I, unfortunately, cite most often in my work."

“I remember you was conflicted, misusing your influence..” Having a sense of patriotism to the country we call America can be fleeting. After all, as a millennial and an African-American (with sprinkles of West Indian and Puerto Rican seeds), I can unapologetically say I’ve felt proud to be an American about four times in my life. In […]


On June 30th, the Export-Import Bank’s charter will expire if Congress refuses to act. House Republicans are in full swing to diminish Ex-Im bank’s ability to fulfill its mission — supporting American jobs through American exports. Without reauthorization, the Bank can’t provide new loans, which will only bolster foreign companies that are competing with U.S. […]

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Symbols Matter. Words Matter. That’s what one local entrepreneur, Frank Scurlock, reminded us of when he paid for skywriting during Jazz Fest. New Orleanians looked heavenward to find clouds shaped as peace symbols, hearts, and uplifting words like “Coexist,” “Honor,” “Forgive,” and “Love.” Scurlock explained that the messages were meant to remind people about the […]

The doors to Charleston’s Mother Emanuel AME Church reopened Sunday to an exodus of people undeterred by the murderous efforts of a gunman fueled by anti-Black rhetoric — faith and strength, even when splinted with broken hearts, proved more durable than hate. It’s what Rev. DePayne Middleton Doctor would have wanted. It’s what she stood […]

As a teen in the “War on Drugs” 1980s, I remember being almost jubilant on those rare occasions when the local news showed a criminal suspect who was not Black. Even though the Central Florida area where I lived was less than 12 percent Black, the local news seemed to suggest that only Blacks committed […]

UPDATE: Russell Simmons took down the tape from his website, but news one has a copy of it that you can watch below. He also issued an apology. “Do you buy Simmons’s apology? Take our poll at the bottom of our story to answer! ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————– The ancestors, from those who perished during the Trans-Atlantic Slave […]

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Ever since the latest information about the alleged NSA spying scandal came out, it seems like everyone has been talking about internet trails and how much of our information is secretly stored somewhere as people like NSA leaker Edward Snowden quietly peruse through it. It sure made me think twice about what I have on […]

Annette Larkins (pictured) doesn’t look anywhere near 71 years old, and she knows it. Looking more like her 80-year-old husband’s granddaughter and either of her children’s older sister, Annette credits her meatless diet of more than 40 years for her radiant youthfulness and her physical vitality. She doesn’t heat any of her food, preferring to […]

The general distrust that African Americans have of clinical trials is rooted in their strained relationships with medical researchers, some of whom long ago broke the bond of trust by putting African-American patients at risk and failing to make full disclosures.

Dr. Boyce Watkins analyzes the sexual abuses allegations against Bishop Eddie Long

Today CNN posted an editorial titled, “Is Ethnic Beauty the New ‘It’ Factor?”; a piece exploring pop-culture’s shift in standards of beauty from an Euro centric appreciation, to an increased appreciation of “ethnic” features.