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Paris Dennard has been appointed as the Republican National Committee’s new Senior Communications Advisor of Black Media Affairs. The former CNN commentator, who was fired from the network last year after the Washington Post released a story alleging that he was given the boot from Arizona State University for sexual harassment in 2014, will be responsible for ensuring that the Black community and other minorities are “aware of President Trump’s efforts to support their communities,” according to the Charlotte Post.

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GOP chairwoman Ronna McDaniel said of Dennard joining the Republican National Committee, “We are thrilled for Paris to officially join our team. A fierce advocate for our President and our party, he will be a great leading voice as we continue to grow our all-encompassing approach to expand our presence in black communities. He will help us connect with voters on the issues they care about and work to re-elect President Trump and secure Republican victories up and down the ballot on November 3rd.”

In an interview with NNPA Newswire, Dennard, who is also a member of the Black Voices for Trump Advisory Board, said that Trump has been “pained” by “unflattering and unfair characterizations that do not reflect his work as president.”

“I won’t sugarcoat it. It is a challenge to get the Republican Party’s and the Trump administration’s campaign message to the black community,” Dennard said. “But it’s a challenge that’s worth fighting for because I believe, at the end of the day, President Trump and the Republican Party want to earn the vote of the black community.”

He went on to say that the GOP and Trump both have platforms and policies that they will implement, which would resonate with the Black community. The policies include “the First Step Act, a law that reduced sentences for some drug offenses; Criminal Justice Reform, The Future Act, which assures funding for historically Black colleges and universities; and new Black Voices for Trump community centers,” the Charlotte Post reports.

“As long as they have an open heart and open mind to receive the factual information of all the good things that the GOP under President Trump’s leadership has been doing over the past three years,” Dennard said. “What I hope to do is work with black media, specifically the National Newspaper Publishers Association, which is black-owned newspapers and media companies. I want to show my community that, as a proud black American, this is what the administration is doing to celebrate the successes of Black people.”


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