It’s been an eventful year in politics, one that will go down in history for several different reasons. Here’s NewsOne‘s list for the top 10 political moments of 2012. Some will make you smile, others will make you wince, and a few bear a nice sigh of relief because you’re unlikely to see similar events […]

In what could only be called “ironic,” a recent poll conducted by GWU/Politico shows that failed Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney is viewed favorably by the exact percentage of people he criticized just this past September, according to the Washington Post. SEE ALSO: The Biggest Republican Mistakes Of 2012 George Washington University and Politico surveyed […]

This time last year, the Republicans were expected to seize control of the Senate and pose a real threat to President Barack Obama’s re-election efforts even with a band of misfit candidates. Unfortunately for the Grand Old Party, numerous gaffes and one too many kooks on the ballot soiled those plans. The Republican Party doesn’t […]

It’d be too right to get Mitt Romney to admit he ran a bad campaign, which led to his opponent handedly beating him in this year’s presidential election. Instead, Romney reiterated sentiments echoed in his “47 percent commentary” this week in a conference call with campaign donors. The Los Angeles Times reports that Romney attributed President Barack […]

In ex-GOP vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan‘s first interview since losing to President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden, Ryan made some dubious claims about how the Democratic ticket pulled out a solid win, according to WISC-TV. SEE ALSO: Petition Calls For Macy’s To Sever Ties With Donald Trump Speaking with Wisconsin CBS affiliate […]

Reminding us that ignorance is alive and well in the midst of the greatest storms, GOP presidential hopeful, Mitt Romney, and VP running mate Paul Ryan, hit the campaign trail today to attack President Barack Obama’s statement about potentially creating a “secretary of Business,” reports “He wants to create a new ‘secretary of business,’” Ryan […]

With incredulous looks, frequent interruptions and emotional outbursts, Vice President Joe Biden showed more life in the first 15 minutes of last night’s vice presidential debate with Rep. Paul Ryan than President Barack Obama showed during the entire debate last week against Republican presidential nominee, Mitt Romney. RELATED: The Vice-Presidential Debate: Fact Vs. Fiction And […]


10:29 PM EST: When asked about his character and what makes him as a “man” uniquely” qualified to lead the country. Ryan talks policy. Biden talks about his dedication to the middle class. 10:20 PM EST: Both VP Biden and Ryan are Catholic and both agree that life begins at conception as it pertains to […]

Using Korean star Psy‘s international hit “Gangnam Style” as their inspiration, comic website College Humor released a hilarious parody on Tuesday that highlights all the things we’ve come to detest about GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney. Cleverly coined “Mitt Romney Style,” it is only a matter of time before this precise portrayal goes viral. SEE […]


A Philadelphia student alleges that her geometry teacher told her that her Romney T-shirt is akin to wearing a KKK sheet, NBC 10 Philadelphia reports. Samantha Pawlucy, a 16-year-old sophomore at Charles Carroll High School said that she wore a pink Mitt Romney/Paul Ryan T-shirt to school on Friday during the school’s no-uniform day. No […]

On Sunday, Republican vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan sat down with Fox News’ Chris Wallace to make his case as to why both he and Romney are the better pair to lead this country. When Wallace pointedly asked why Romney/Ryan were lagging behind in key polls across the country, Ryan explained that much of the […]

Update 4:56 9/26/12: Politico’s Roger Simon told BuzzFeed that “The Stench” article he wrote was actually a satire. At least seven other major news outlets — NewsOne included — reported on the story, though we made it clear that it was, in fact, unverified. In this political climate his account was certainly not a stretch. […]