Plus, the real reason why she was fired from the White House.


Aside from being a desperate piece of click bait, Piers Morgan’s defense of White people using the word “nigga” is misguided at best and perhaps racist at worst.

Munroe Bergdorf has been on a listening tour in which White media personalities repeat "not all White people."

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Perhaps former CNN talk show host Piers Morgan failed to realize that the Barclays Center is in the United States, specifically Brooklyn, N.Y., not the United Kingdom. SEE ALSO: Ebola Fighters Are Time’s Person Of The Year In a Rachel Ray segment scheduled to air Thursday, Morgan excoriates Cleveland Cavalier star LeBron James (pictured right) […]

As much work as the people behind the Washington Post’s interactive project on “The N-Word” likely put in, its biggest and only beneficiaries are those who profited from the traffic it generated. Sure, the publication tried to argue the purpose of its package. When you venture on to the site, you are greeted with this message: “After the National […]

It’s funny how frequently Black people find themselves ridiculed for purportedly feigning victimhood (insert whines about “playing the race card” and whatever euphemism others use to describe Black folks just being honest) and yet it’s mostly the most privileged people walking the Earth who complain the most. I had already pegged Michael Dunn to be an […]

Rachel Jeantel, 19, appeared on Piers Morgan Live in her first ever television interview to share how “disappointed, upset and angry” she was that George Zimmerman was found “not guilty” of murder for killing her friend, 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, and called the verdict “just B.S.” RELATED: Actor Lance Gross Posts Open Letter To George Zimmerman “He was […]

Using the tragic murder of 17-year-old Trayvon  Martin as the backdrop, “Saturday Night Live” had a little fun at the expense of Piers Morgan and the latest round of media coverage surrounding Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, reports MSNBC. While some thought the skit was hilarious, others believe that it was in extremely bad taste. […]

LONDON — CNN celebrity interviewer Piers Morgan was an extremely hands-on tabloid editor who must have known that phone hacking was rife at his paper, a former employee claimed Wednesday. SEE ALSO: “Slave Statue” Project Causes Controversy In Indianapolis

Writer and stand-up comedian Wanda Sykes recently appeared on the Piers Morgan Tonight show, where she boldly proclaimed that “it’s harder to be gay than black.” I’m not talking about the history of black people, of African Americans. I’m talking about at this point right now … I don’t know of organizations and groups like […]

CHICAGO-Philadelphia Eagles Quarterback, Michael Vick will appear on The Oprah Winfrey Show Thursday. Vick agreed to appear on the show after Winfrey dropped a bet with CNN host, Piers Morgan. Winfrey had wagered $320 with Morgan over who would get Michael Vick on their show. Vick’s handlers made Winfrey drop the Wager, claiming that they […]