The DOJ announced this week that it has found conditions at three Mississippi Department of Corrections facilities unconstitutional.

The lawyer of YNW Melly requests his release.

The comedian is apart of the larger conversation to incarceration issues.


Their defense argues that systematic issues led to the alleged sexual abuser's death.


Man is revealed to be innocent after spending two months in a jail known for its horrible conditions.


In an effort to gain an edge with voters of color over leading Democratic 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, one of her Republican opponents plans to use her husband’s record of putting “a generation of Black men in prison,” reports The Hill. Rand Paul, a freshman Republican senator from Kentucky, tells the online news site […]

Research conducted by the state of California’s Select Committee on Status of Boys and Men of Color presented an action plan Wednesday in the capital city of Sacramento, which aimed to introduce policies to assist young boys and men of color in the state. According to a report drafted by the legislative committee, research and […]

Jimmie Edwards, a St. Louis Juvenile Court judge attended a conference in New York City on justice in schools and the school to prison pipeline. The conference also included former New York State Chief Judge Judith Kaye who also spoke up against the education system for many minorities that many believe prepares young men for […]

Each day in America one thing is certain: Somebody will go to jail. This may not seem like an issue to some people. For most of our lives we’ve been taught the maxim, “If you do the crime, than you should do the time.” But some students think there is more to it than that. […]

HOUSTON — In order to save money, some prisons in Texas have stopped serving lunch on Saturday and Sunday. The Texas prison system hopes to save over $2.8 million by cutting meals. County Considers Using Inmates As Firefighters Due To Budget Say What?! Jailers Serve Inmates Rotted Meat? The New York Times reports: Thousands of […]

In our continuing series focusing on the prison system in America, we bring you a list of the 10 most notorious jails in the country. Many of these prisons on the list are familiar by name to many like Folsom, San Quentin, and ADX in Colorado to name a few. Check out the list below. […]

CALIFORNIA — Organizers and inmates in California are rallying on Monday against the state’s prion system for poor living conditions and other practices they say amount to systematic abuse and torture. The rally comes after inmates in four of the states prisons waged a hunger strike that lasted nearly a month long in protest of […]