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Providing proper education for our youth should be a community effort regardless of where you call home, and a part of the process is making sure students feel welcome regardless of their race.

One Atlanta mom wasn’t exactly feeling the love from a local elementary school after she discovered that Black second graders were intentionally being put in separate classes from their white colleagues.

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Atlanta’s CBS46 reported on the story, interviewing the mother, Kila Posey, who filed a civil rights complaint with the U.S. Department of Education against Mary Lin Elementary. The situation began after Posey tried enrolling her daughter into a second grade class at Mary Lin last year, but was met with questionable resistance and urged towards another class with a Black roster of students.

Take a look at Posey’s play-by-play below of how it all went down, via WGCL-TV:

“When the principal reached out to me I had already given her the selection for our children and she tried to sway me into one of the other two classes, the black classes, that was her phrase for the classrooms,” Pose said.

She said at the start of the last school year there were six 2nd grade classes at Mary Lin Elementary. She claims all black students were separated from white students and put into two of the six classes.

“When she first told me, I was taken aback, I didn’t understand. I asked her for more clarification. I was like what do you mean? What is that? We have those.”

In an even more ironic twist to the story, Posey herself has 17 years of experience in education. Meanwhile, her husband is the actual school psychologist at Mary Lin with 23 years of experience. To think even seniority in the school system couldn’t make a difference is definitely telling in itself.

Posey will use a handful of evidence to help back her claims, including a number of phone recordings with the APS administrators. In one tape, an APS administrator is even heard saying that the principal at Mary Lin “does use specific classes for Black children.”

Let us know if you or someone you know has experienced anything like this in your area, and share thoughts on what you think should be done about it.


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