Black Lives Matter Rhode Island leader Gary Dantzler denounced Mark Fisher and claimed the man who endorsed Donald Trump is not part of BLM.

Cops never reached for their guns once. What a privilege!

A Walmart in Rhode Island is under scrutiny after putting a Black man in a cage in the middle of the store to raise money for children. 

Police found Matthew Reilly passed out in his car after a crack and fentanyl Binge. He was charged with possession of crack cocaine.

Race Matters

Warwick, Rhode Island Senate candidate Michael C. Carreiro apologized for a 2009 photo showing him wearing blackface while dressed as James Brown.

Ingrained racial and gendered bias affect which elected officials are entitled to be seen as fun.

Jennifer Rourke is running for State Senator in Rhode Island.

Human Interest

Rhode Island State Rep. Anastasia P. Williams is under fire for saying the state's own homeless and poor populations should be prioritized before the state starts housing Afghan refugee "strangers."

Democratic Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse has doubled down on his defense of being a member of an "all-white" beach club in Rhode Island, prompting Black Lives Matter leaders to say they're "ashamed" of him.


Civil Rights icon Rosa Parks’ Detroit home will be on display in Providence, Rhode Island next year.

Students from Tolman High School in Pawtucket, Rhode Island were pepper sprayed and arrested by police during a protest that were sparked after an officer body slammed a teenager to the ground earlier this week.