Florida's Palm Beach County has snubbed both Rush Limbaugh and Gov. Ron DeSantis by deciding against lowering flags to honor the conservative and racist talk show host following his recent death.

The death of Rush Limbaugh confirmed there are now three things that are certain in life: death, taxes and the newest addition to the holy trinity of guarantees, Candace Owens' anti-Black hatred.

Black Twitter promptly ran back a variety of moments recounting Limbaugh's racist, sexist, xenophobic rhetoric which continually harmed Black communities.


Rush Limbaugh was a lightning rod for controversy -- and racism -- over his career that spanned nearly five decades.


White men supporting Trump are attacking House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for ripping his SOTU speech, but are ignoring the laundry list of racist things he has done.


The conservative host now faces serious health problems.

For a racist president, Donald Trump sure did invite a lot of Black folks to be his special guests at the State of the Union address. But a closer look beneath the surface of the president's words revealed his true colors.

Watch Roland Martin and Stanley Nelson discuss the upcoming documentary The Black Panthers: Vanguard of the Revolution in the video clip above. Don't miss the premiere of the film tonight on PBS.

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Race scholar, civil rights activist, humanitarian, and talk show radio host Rush Limbaugh (pictured) wants everyone – particularly Attorney General Eric Holder – to shut up about certain opposition to President Barack Obama being fueled by racism. Speaking with ABC News, Holder addressed the role race plays when it comes to treatment of him and President Obama and their respective […]