Right wing talk show host, Rush Limbaugh, compared Obama to a new Oreo cookie and called the cookie a “Obameo” on his show. Many consider the term “Oreo” a racial slur, including Limbaugh himself, who claimed that the Michael Steele had had Oreos thrown at him at an event, insinuating that he was “Black on […]

It seems that Rush Limbaugh never gets tired of trying to expose the president on some front. On his radio show, Limbaugh started saying that President Obama hasn’t been vetted because his past classmates, girlfriends, and others have never come out to speak against him. “I got one of these email things,” Limbaugh said on […]

Rev. Al Sharpton struck back at radio host Rush Limbaugh last night after the conservative commentator made fun of Sharpton’s teleprompter flub on MSNBC this past Tuesday. Sharpton had trouble pronouncing the words “we must resist” before immediately moving on to his fellow host Ed Schultz. Conservative commentators crowed about the gaffe, but none more […]

Controversial shock-jock Rush Limbaugh recently said that helping President Obama on anything “hurts the country.” The quote by Limbaugh came in response to a comment made by a Washington Post columnist, Colbert King. “So for Colbert king to say, ‘Rush Limbaugh, his biggest concern was Republicans should do nothing to help Obama.’ Damn right. Damn […]

ATLANTA-Former RNC Chairman, Michael Steele, is going after his former Republican colleagues over a racist skit and a comparison of health care. He criticized Rush Limbaugh for a skit that mocked President Barack Obama and the way Black people talked and Rand Paul for saying that Universal Health Care is “slavery.” The Redding News reports: […]

Check out our Top 10 Most Racist Rush Limbaugh Comments Many of us know that what Rush Limbaugh is best at is opening his mouth. We also know that when he opens his mouth – whether it’s about Donovan McNabb or President Obama – racist statements will be heard. Writer Oliver Willis recently took it […]

I was literally shocked the first time I saw the movie True Lies and one character, describing all the great attributes of a woman he planned on seducing, said she had an “ass like a 10 year-old boy.” I remember thinking that can’t be right! Cause if that’s the case, how could…? How…? Why…? RELATED: […]

NEW YORK-After the Tuscon tragedy, activist Al Sharpton has called on the FCC to regulate racism on the radio, particularly Rush Limbaugh. The Hill Reports: We’re not telling Rush don’t say what he wants to say. Say it at home,” Sharpton said in December. “Don’t get on publicly regulated radio and television that are selectively […]

SAN FRANCISCO — A California lawmaker is calling for a boycott of companies that advertise on Rush Limbaugh’s radio show after the conservative commentator refused to apologize for mocking China’s president. State Sen. Leland Yee launched the campaign after Limbaugh’s Jan. 19 radio program, during which he did a nonsensical impression of Chinese President Hu […]

ARIZONA Days after the Tuscon, Arizona shooting, a billboard for Rush Limbaugh’s radio show with the words “Straight Shooter” and features bullet holes in it still stands in Tuscon. Limbaugh has been extremely defensive about the incident, blaing democrats, defending Sarah Palin and criticizing Arizona Sheriff, Clarence Dupnik. RELATED STORIES Rush Limbaugh: Democrats Support Arizona […]

Washington D.C– The Root today is reporting that  the political commenter dived into yet another race conversation on his Friday show. In the audio snippet, Limbaugh talks about how he believes President Barack Obama isn’t qualified to be president.

Whenever we propose that one Black can make us all look bad, one of the most subliminally interesting things that we’re suggesting about white people is that they’re so dumb that they can’t tell us apart. If I were white, I’d be insulted by this—if I were smart enough to get that I should be […]