Chip Saltsman (pictured), candidate to head the Republican National Committee, sends out a Christmas goodie bag to RNC members with a CD including the racially loaded parody of Obama’s liberal supporters.

From Nicholas Graham at the Huffington Post: Rush Limbaugh is at it again, calling Colin Powell a "turncoat" for supporting Obama and accusing him of wanting to be "adored" by the media.

Colin Powell was interviewed by CNN’s Fareed Zakharia recently. In the interview, Powell criticized the direction of the Republican Party, Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh and talked about his South Bronx value system.

Yesterday on Meet the Press, Tom Brokaw asked Colin Powell what he would say to people who said that he was endorsing Obama for his skin color. I thought this was a racist question at first. Would Brokaw ask Joe Lieberman what he would say to people who said he was endorsing John McCain because […]

Rush Limbaugh has called Obama an Arab on his radio show, saying his father was from Arab parts of Africa, and the last thing Obama is is African American. Limbaugh was mistaken Kenya is not an Arab part of Africa although it does have a significant musilm population. By being the child of an African […]

Lynne Spears spoke to Newsweek today, pointing out the hypocritical way the media has treated her and her unwed pregnant teenage daughter, Jamie Lynn Spears, versus the way the media has treated Sarah Palin and daughter, Bristol Palin.