It's like 'Inception' but for unmitigated white woman entitlement.

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A GoFundMe has begun. "We can’t afford a lawyer,“ the teen's mother said.

The teen who refused to give his Citi Bike bike to Sarah Jane Comrie and his family spoke out about the viral incident.

Donations are pouring into a GoFundMe for Sarah Jane Comrie has surged a week after she was branded "Citi Bike Karen" for her viral encounter with a group of young Black men in New York City.

Even with video evidence of manipulative and racist behavior, “Citi Bike Karen” is still being called a victim, showing how white people like her always get the benefit of the doubt.

The prospects of "Citi Bike Karen" Sarah Jane Comrie, a physician assistant, treating Black patients places a spotlight on implicit bias and discrimination in health care against Black people, in particular.

Sarah Jane Comrie, aka Citi Bike Karen, is nothing but a 2023 version of Carolyn Bryant, the white woman who caused Emmett Till to get lynched.

Sarah Jane Comrie, the "Citi Bike Karen" who fake cried for help from a group of young Black men, reminds us Carolyn Bryant Donham, who accused Emmett Till and got him lynched.

A white woman shown on video appearing to try to steal a Citi Bike from a Black male was identified on social media as Sarah Jane Comrie.