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Bernice King spoke out against the public school cheating scandal in Atlanta on a local radio station, suggesting there needs to be “consequences” for teachers who helped students cheat on standardized tests.

“You have to have consequences when people cheat our children because at the end of the day, [our children] don’t get a second chance,” King said.

The daughter of famed Civil Rights leader, Martin Luther King Jr., said that teachers can’t use excuses for their actions because they are “held to a higher standard.”

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The Atlanta Public School district stunned the nation when a 2009 investigation of exam results implicated 178 educators at almost 80 percent of 56 elementary and middle schools of helping students cheat on tests.

Since then, former Atlanta Public Schools superintendent Beverly Hall resigned from her position, and her interim superintendent Erroll Davis replaced four superintendents and two principals.

Hall told WXIA TV on camera Wednesday that she “absolutely knew nothing about the cheating.”



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