Dylan Hudson beat and pistol-whipped a "nonviolent" Black man suspected of loitering.

One had the privilege of serving time on weekends only.

Suzanne Craft will be in prison for nearly 10 years for racist and violent threats to an interracial couple and their children in Louisville.

A Los Angeles judge has delayed sentencing for rapper Tory Lanez in the 2020 shooting of Megan Thee Stallion. 

Tory Lanez's old tweet scoffing at jail time for shooting Megan Thee Stallion resurfaced after a judge rejected his request for a new trial and set his prison sentencing date. He's facing between nine and 22 years.

The Stand Your Ground case centered on race.


Folks have mixed reactions.

The television icon will be sentenced on September 24.

Judge Vonda Evans of Detroit made a compassionate speech about racism and police brutality before sentencing former Michigan police officer William Melendez to prison Tuesday for the beating of an unarmed Black man last year.

On Friday, Michelle Blair, 36 was sentenced to life without parole for killing her two children and then putting their bodies into a deep freezer. Her final appearance in the courtroom only solidified Blair’s lack of regret for her ruthless crime. In her last chance to speak in court, she chose to point out the […]

Quartavious Davis (pictured) is a first-time offender who was convicted of armed robbery in April. Even though the gun he fired did not shoot anyone, he received a stiffer than stiff sentence from a Florida judge for his crime:  1,941 months or 161 years in prison, reports the Huffington Post.  Davis’ new attorney, Jacqueline Shapiro, is […]