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Suzanne Craft

Source: Oldham County Detention Center

Imagine being such a dedicated racist that you end up spending nearly a decade in prison because you just couldn’t stand to keep your hateful bigotry in the confines of your heart and away from Black people and people of color no matter how many times you were warned to by courts of law.

Such is the case for 54-year-old Suzanne Craft of Louisville, Kentucky. According to WHAS 11, Craft was sentenced to nine years behind bars followed by three years of supervised release for sending threatening letters to neighbors in Lake Forest of eastern Jefferson County for no discernable reason besides those neighbors failing to be born Caucasian.

In 2020, Craft mailed numerous threats of violence and racial slurs to an interracial couple and their children who lived in the same neighborhood. She was convicted of five counts of mailing threatening communications, and this was after she had been caught vandalizing at least two homes with swastikas and the N-word, for which she was reportedly sentenced to seven days of home incarceration. (Craft is her name, and arts and KKKrafts are, apparently, her game.)

From WHAS:

In 2020, Louisville Metro Police served Craft a criminal summons after two homes in the Lake Forest neighborhood were vandalized.

She then appeared in court in August later that year for violating a no-contact order from a different incident in June.

Michela Pineda testified Craft was caught on camera using chemicals and bleach to burn a swastika into the Pineda family’s lawn, weeks after the no-contact order was issued.

The Pineda family also say Craft was the person who spray-painted racial slurs on their driveway in June 2020.

It’s unclear if the threatening letters the FBI says Craft sent in 2020 were to the Pineda’s or a different family.

Vanessa Cantley, the attorney for Michaela and Connie Pineda, told the Courier-Journal that the letters, not only contained racial slurs, but the envelopes also contained bullets. Those letters, again, came after the alleged vandalism, which came after the no-contact order was issued, and she had been found guilty of contempt of court twice for violating that order. Again, this woman was simply bound and determined to be a bigot.

“This sentence sends a clear message regarding our commitment to ending hate-motivated violence and threats of violence,” Assistant Attorney General Kristen Clarke of the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division. “There is no room in civilized society for violent threats based on race.”

And if Craft hasn’t gotten that message by now—and it’s entirely possible that she still hasn’t considering her track record—at least she’ll be learning it behind bars.


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