Social Justice Movement

Is Jay-Z trying to make America great again?

The reaction to Bill Cosby publicly shaming low-income Black people was similar to the reaction to Jay-Z blaming single parent households for negative police relations with Black people, since both were flawed messengers.

Mama Knowles is clearly supporting her son-in-law.

Mario Woods was shot and killed in 2015.

Also, Funkmaster Flex says Jermaine Dupri confirmed Jay-Z told him it wasn't a good idea to work with the NFL.

While many civil rights leaders have seemingly stayed quiet about Jay-Z’s controversial new partnership with the NFL, the Rev. Al Sharpton decidedly confronted it head-on.

If Jay-Z really does have 99 problems, one of them might be trying to reconcile all the progress he’s made as a fledgling social justice icon with his questionable new business alliance with the NFL.

After A$AP Rocky was convicted but avoided jail for an assault in Sweden, a growing segment of Twitter users was questioning whether he had changed his previous opinion dismissing social justice activism.

Students4Justice, an activist group at the University of Michigan, recently launched a new petition for students of color to have a space to do social justice work and organizing.

Beyonce and Kendrick Lamar captured headlines for their recent performances at Super Bowl 50 and at this year’s Grammys, where they made powerful statements on issues related to the fight for social justice in America. Both of their performances have resulted in social media erupting in a debate over the consciousness of popular entertainers using their platforms […]