Missouri’s stand your ground law removes the duty to retreat anywhere a person may legally be, even beyond one’s “castle."

Critics say Missouri Senate Bill 666 (yes, really) -- dubbed the "Make Murder Legal Act" -- would shield killers from prosecution and protect the "lynching of Black men."

Robert Keegan's told authorities that he was struck in the face by Aidan Ellison before he fatally shot him on Nov. 23, but an autopsy proves otherwise.

William Marcus Wilson should be held to the same legal standards as white defendants who cite Georgia's Stand Your Ground laws, defense attorneys said in the case of a Black driver killing a white teen in a truck chasing him.


A new study suggests Florida's controversial Stand Your Ground law can be linked to a spike in gun-related deaths.

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Parents are supposed to protect and provide for their kids. When that doesn’t happen, kids are left to do those things for themselves. That’s the situation 14-year-old Bresha Meadows allegedly found herself in on July 28. According to reports, Bresha is accused of shooting her father, Jonathan Meadows, in the head for allegedly abusing her […]

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Marissa Alexander, the Black woman who many feel was unfairly jailed per Florida’s seemingly disparate application of its “Stand Your Ground” laws, was released from prison Tuesday afternoon, according to local Jacksonville station 4JAX. Alexander will come home, but will spend the next two years under electronic monitoring – and on her own dime. SEE […]

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Former U.S. airman Michael Giles was jailed to 25 years in prison for standing his ground in Florida. He’s been in prison for four years now for what his supporters argue was a simple act of self-defense. With attention now on “stand your ground” laws, his family is hoping to stir up interest in his case […]