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So, a video has been floating around the interwebs recently that, according to a post on Reddit, shows a “young Black police graduate getting profiled by Josua PD cops” in the state of Texas.

Now, I’m not 100 percent sure what in the blue-on-blue crime is going on here, but from what I can piece together, two white cops stopped a Black police academy grad for parking in a handicap spot without having a handicap placard on his license plate. The entire incident was documented on a video that has a date of May 22, 2022, displayed in the corner.

But, according to the newly graduated police officer, who also happens to be Black, he has a disabled veterans decal on his plate, which allows him to park in the spot he was in, and these two cops were really just harassing him because he’s Black.

“Can we see some ID,” one of the white officers asked the man holding the camera, to which he promptly responds, “What for? What’s your probable cause to ask me for ID?”

Already, this video is hilariously ironic because what we have here is a Black man who decided to be a cop being stopped by other cops who he questions in ways cops hate to be questioned by civilians—especially Black civilians. This is like the Texas version of Reno 911.

After the two cops go back and forth with the alleged police grad about the handicap plates (or lack thereof…or whatever), one of the officers points out that he’s never seen anyone wear a police academy uniform after they graduate, to which the man holding the camera replied, “I wear it all the time.”

So, now I’m confused. Were these cops asking to see ID because they didn’t think the Black man was allowed to park in a spot reserved for disabled people or did they stop him because they thought it was weird that he was wearing a police academy uniform outside of class? Was the one officer implying the Black man wasn’t actually a police graduate and that he had stolen the uniform? Who the hell steals a police academy uniform? (Maybe dedicated Police Academy cosplayers, but still.)

So, the officers continue to question him about whether he’s been certified as a peace officer, to which the man says, “Of course,” tells them to run his plates to confirm it and also tells them to call TICOLE, which, according to the video, is an acronym for Texas Commission On Law Enforcement, “which serves as a regulatory agency for peace officers in Texas.” (It’s also a good album name if TI and J Cole decided to do a project together.)

Anyway, the blue trio continues to argue over the same two or three points for another 5 minutes worth of video footage and the whole confrontation ended without any arrests or bullets flying. If all seemed more like a final training simulation than it did an actual police confrontation.

I just hope this newly graduated Black cop remembers this moment when he pulls over a Black person and they ask him about probable cause.


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