Jada Pinkett Smith published several photos of she and the late Tupac Shakur on her Instagram page that reveal a softer side of the hardcore west coast rapper. The Daily Mail describes how the two became inseparable after meeting at the Baltimore School for the Arts back in the 1980s. Both shared a love for […]


If you’re ready to quit your job in style, take a look at the way 25-year-old Marina Shifrin’s left her last gig. The YouTube video shows her dancing around her office while telling viewers why she is leaving. Shifrin, 25, previously worked at Next Media Animation, a Taiwanese animator, said she “For almost two years […]

Joseph Simmons (pictured), a.k.a. Rev. Run from the iconic hip-hop group Run DMC, is going to be a grandpapa!  Vanessa Simmons (pictured below, right), the offspring of the rap legend, is expecting her first baby with boyfriend Mike Wayans (pictured below), who is the son of famed comedian, Damon Wayans. Vanessa took to Instagram to […]

African Americans make up nearly 20 percent of 48.61 million people in this country who are living without health insurance coverage, according to the Census Bureau’s Current Population Survey. But on October 1st, the public will finally be able to begin “shopping” for affordable health insurance due to the launching of President Barack Obama’s Affordable […]

When married couples have issues with their relationship, many take the traditional route of hashing out their differences under the guidance of a counselor or church pastor. Not Sonya Gore and her husband, Ivan Lewis. In a very public admission of guilt, Lewis posted a photo of a hand-written note on his page that reads, […]

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Marissa Alexander (pictured), a young lady who invoked Stand Your Ground in her case but was denied, is set to get a new trial. Alexander was convicted and sentenced to 20 years for shooting a bullet in to the ceiling of her home when her husband allegedly attacked her. Even though there were no injuries […]


Cory Booker, mayor of Newark, New Jersey and United States senate candidate, has been exchanging private messages with a Portland stripper and she wants the world to know, reports Buzzfeed.com. Lynsie Lee, a stripper at vegan strip club Casa Diablo, appears in Follow Friday: the film — a film about Twitter — with Booker and, […]


A Brooklyn teenager who drowned after jumping into a lake in an upstate New York park was warned not to go in it four times beforehand, according to The New York Daily News. RELATED: Arizona Teen Drowns After Saving Siblings Jean Fritz Pierre (pictured) was with fellow students from the Prospect Heights International High School, when […]


Months after her termination from a sports specialist position near Dallas, Carlita Kilpatrick (pictured left) is dealing with a newly released video showing investigators questioning her over several hundred dollars of cash in her office drawer, the Detroit News reports. RELATED: Kwame Kilpatrick Found Guilty On Federal Charges The video, released on Sept. 16th, shows two […]


The U.S. Department of Labor fined Bank of America  $2.2 million in back wages and interest, after 1,147 African-American job seekers claimed to have dealt with discriminatory hiring practices by the lender at their Charlotte, N.C., headquarters from 1993 to 2005, according to CNN. The case, which was first filed by one African-American employee back in 2005, quickly grew […]

Paul Bergrin (pictured), an attorney whose roster of celeb clients included such performers as Queen Latifah, Lil’ Kim, and Naughty By Nature, was sentence to life in prison without parole Monday for nearly two dozen counts, including murder conspiracy and racketeering, according to the Daily Mail. Court documents also state that the Newark, N.J.-based lawyer, […]

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Carol (pictured in blue dress) and Willie Fowler were shocked when their daughter’s wedding was called off, but the food and lavish reception they paid for did not go to waste. Here and Now reports that the Fowler family reached out to Hosea Feed the Hungry, a local Atlanta organization serving families in need, to […]