Mauricio Garcia, the Texas Mexican man who killed eight people, left behind a social media profile filled with white supremacist rhetoric.

There’s only so much racist abuse people can take before they start fighting back.

Race Matters

White nationalist Nick Fuentes posted a video calling for a "white uprising," an end to Congress and predicting Donald Trump will win the 2022 election.

Race Matters

A viral TikTok video shows two Caucasian men who introduced themselves as "white nationalists" when approaching residents to "talk to people about some things.” The men were urging residents in Cusseta, Alabama, to “End systemic racism" and "Be pro-white.”

Explosives have gone missing from the largest Marines training base in the U.S. at around the same time the military is being investigated for right-wing extremists and white supremacists in its ranks.

Social media users are comprising detailed threads which show videos of mob members being promptly escorted straight to jail.

Washington D.C. city officials have called in the National Guard and will explore mandating a curfew in response to concerns over violent confrontations as white supremacists gather to demonstrate on Jan. 6.

Enrique Tarrio, 36, was released less than 24 hours after he was apprehended while in possession of two firearms.


Funds pour in after a racist protest.


There are four common misconceptions about mass homicides and who commits them.

Texas is home base for dozens of hate groups that could be behind the Austin, Texas bombings targeting Black people.