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NEW YORK– A device being used by police which can retrieve existing and deleted information from a cellphone may lead to racial profiling of African-Americans, according to David Wilson of

The device, called the Universal Forensic Extraction Device, can be plugged into your phone by a police officer to take all of your information. This includes texts, browser history, and call history; all without the police officer providing a search warrant.

According to a study conducted last year by Nielsen, blacks talk an average of 1331 minutes a month, over twice as much as whites (647 minutes).  Meanwhile, blacks lead the field in texting, with 780 text messages per month. Latinos are not far behind with 767 texts, followed by 566 for whites and 384 for Asians.

Then there is the issue of racial profiling. Data provided by the state of Michigan show that the state police have a history of disproportionately conducting searches, issuing citations and giving verbal warnings to black and Latino men.




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