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Some of you may have heard of author Booker T. Mattison or of his current book, Snitch, a top seller at a number of black book sites including the African American Literature Book Club. But what you may not know is that Mattison is also a talented filmmaker as well.

This past weekend, Mattison talked books and film at Sankofa bookstore, the legendary Washington, DC establishment owned by renowned filmmaker, Haile Gerima, who named it after his breakthrough film of the same name. At the event, Mattison’s film adaptation of Zora Neale Hurston’s The Gilded Six Bits, was screened and well received. The film opened to a packed house, and authors Dolen Perkins Valdez, Zane and Marita Golden came through to show support. Mattison wrote the screenplay for The Gilded Six Bits and directed the film which previously aired on Showtime. And his book, Snitch, is blowing up bestsellers lists all over.

Pick up Snitch online to experience some of Mattison’s multiple talents.

And make sure you check out the weekly book review below. I’ll leave you this week with five books by legendary author L.A. Banks who passed away last week.

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Book Review of the Week

This week’s review comes from MahoganyBooks, and it is All Different Kinds of Free by Jessica McCann.

Five Books by L.A. Banks

1) Minion

2) The Awakening

3) The Hunted

4) The Bitten

5) The Forbidden

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