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Julius Malema, the controversial youth leader of the African National Conference Youth League (ANCYL) has been official expelled from the party, the Christian Science Monitor reports.


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Malema never failed to attract negative press. The most racially-tinged controversy the 30-year-old was involved in was the singing of the song “Kill The Boer,” an Apartheid-era chant some believe called for the murder of white South Africans (or Afrikaners) who  presided over the nation’s cruel Jim Crow-style political system. Critics felt the 2010 killing of Eugene Terreblanche, former leader of the Afrikaner Resistance Movement, was linked to Malema’s racially-charged rhetoric.

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ANC elders tried for years to tamper down this divisive rhetoric to no avail. So, on Wednesday, the Party decided to part ways. The Christian Science Monitory has more:

“Having weighed and considered all factors, the NDC found Comrade Julius Malema guilty and is expelled from the ANC,” Mr. Hankeom told reporters Wednesday night. Malema will be required to vacate his position as president of the youth league, he added, but Malema has the right to appeal the decision within 14 days.

Go to the Christian Science Monitor for more on this story.

Julius Malema Sing’s ‘Kill The Boer’