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This month, NewsOne presents a special exploration of Black Americans’ influence on social media, #TWEETING WHILE BLACK.


The concept of “Black Twitter” actually has a history that is years-deep. We believe that the phenomenon has its roots in Black innovation — our cultural predilection to take tools and technology and use them in ways that even their creators never imagined possible. And while for some the Black predominance on social networks like Twitter may cause consternation — and to others a shrug of indifference — the phenomenon itself is so rich and still so present that it’s worth a bit of a recap.

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Here, then, is some perspective: The history of Black Twitter, laid out in visual form:



Jan 2007    First study noticing racial divide in social networks

Jun 2009    OMG! Black People!

Oct 2009    First study of Black “over-indexing” on Twitter

Nov 2009   Twitter starts “curating” trending topics

Nov 2009    White blogger coins term “Black Twitter”?

Apr 2010    Study: Blacks represent 1/4 of Twitter users

May 2010    Gawker piece on “#thingsblackpeopledo” trend

Jul 2010    “White Flight” from Myspace to Facebook

Aug 2010    Slate article amuses some, offends others

Jan 2011    TheRoot: Black Twitter Bad!

May 2011    Yet another study. Guess what it said…

May 2011   TheRoot: Black Twitter Good!

May 2011   “Shut Up About Black Twitter Already”

Jun 2011   Study: 25% of Blacks online use Twitter

Jun 2011    Enter planking

Sep 2011    The Troy Davis conspiracy