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Evelyn Lozada (pictured) has come under fire recently for her bully, mean girl antics on the hit VH1 reality series “Basketball Wives” (BBW). It seems that after her displays of verbal abuse, threats and physical assaults toward a few of her co-stars, fans have shown that they are fed up, furious, and will no longer tolerate her juvenile actions.  Now Lozada herself sounds like she might be doing some introspection via her self-named website.  Lozada recently wrote about her unacceptable behavior with a few of her remaining fans.

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After Monday night’s horrific bullying session, involving one of the group’s main terrorists Tami Roman, who launched a vicious and pitiful attack on cast member Kesha Nichols, Lozada says, after witnessing the mind-blowing display, she felt sorry for the victim.

“Last night’s episode was a whirlwind of emotions for everyone. It’s such a sensitive subject for me because I honestly see it from both sides. I’m not here to condemn or condone anyone especially given some of my choices this season, however I will say that once again last night’s episode and all that happened forced me to look at and examine myself in ways that I haven’t in the past.”

Lozada continues:

“No matter what the situation is, I’m realizing that we as grown women are allowing ourselves to be placed in a position for judgment. I’m confident that I speak for many of us on the show that when it comes to creating a better balance for television, we are all working very hard to do just that. Many of us are getting help for our inner issues and striving to portray a more positive image overall.  Tahiti was just an example of all of us being a true work in progress… Hang in there with us, as we vow to grow and become better!”

Can anybody say, “Publicist”!!!

Even though fans have targeted Lozada as the poster child for all that is negative on “BBW” by signing a petition so that the VH1 powers-that-be do not award her with a reality series co-starring her fiance Chad Ochocinco, the cable network has not only renewed “BBW” for a fifth season but has also, thus far, not made mention of pulling the stops on her show.

Lozada, we hope you will take heed of the, thus far, 29,995 signatures on your “Boycott ‘Basketball Wives’ & Evelyn Lozada” petition.  We also suggest that you take out the time to read some of the comments posted.  Self-reflection is fine as long as you make an effort to mend your evil ways!