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Wanda Dueno (pictured) is her own hero!  The 24-year-old delivered a healthy baby boy by herself on a New York City subway car on Wednesday morning, when she realized that her child was on its way, reports the New York Post.

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Dueno was en route to her sister’s home in the Bronx at around 1:30 a.m., when she suddenly felt some contractions.  Having already given birth to another child, Dueno was only too familiar with the pangs.  Although the young woman was not due for five days, she was certain that her labor was imminent but no one was in the subway car with her to offer assistance.

As the contractions increased Dueno says that she tried desperately to keep the baby from coming out but her efforts were useless.  She made several attempts to hit the subway’s emergency intercom button, which contacts the conductor, but he arrived too late.

By the time the train conductor went to investigate who had been trying to summon him, Dueno had the infant child in her arms.

Even though Dueno has named her son Libasse, she is actually soliciting nicknames for him. As an option, her sister suggested “MetroCard.”

According to the New York Post, MTA chief Joseph Lhota made the “joyous announcement” at yesterday’s agency meeting, saying, “I’m looking forward to meeting this little baby,” who he joked should have been named “Metro.”

The New York City Transit Authority temporarily halted all service on the line in order to sanitize the subway car afterward.


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