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Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson (pictured), the sidelined NFL player whose recent head-butting incident with his reality show bride Evelyn Lozada tarnished his reputation (pictured), has been handed a sentence of probation and anger management classes for the assault, reports TMZ.  Johnson agreed to the edict in exchange for a guilty or no-contest plea.

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Johnson and Lozada have been making headlines for a few months now.  The couple, who married on July 4th of this year, wound up battling each other just days later over Johnson’s condom receipt.  The violence resulted in Lozada needing stitches to her forehead.

Allegations of Johnson’s infidelity seemed to be confirmed, when days after the publicized incident, a bevy of beauties began surfacing dishing on their alleged affairs with Johnson.

Johnson was then axed from the Miami Dolphins, with the allegations of the head-butting episode seeming a tad too much for the team’s owner.

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Soon after, Johnson’s lucrative endorsement deals began falling by the wayside and VH1 put the kabosh on the “Ev & Ocho” reality series.

Just this week, a Florida court finalized his divorce from Lozada and a Florida criminal court put a no-contact order in place to keep Johnson from even speaking with Lozada.

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On Friday, a judge is expected to sign off on the “no jail time” agreement for the misdemeanor battery charge that Johnson was slapped with when he was cuffed for the assault toward his ex.