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10:38 PM EST: Obama again calls out Romney on 47% statement.

10:36 PM EST: Romney claims again that he will reform medicare and social security, recalls his term as governor in Massachusetts as proof that he can “fix” America.

10:30 PM EST: Obama tap dances around gun violence and getting weapons off of the street. Finally says that he recognizes there is violence on the streets of Chicago.

10:13 PM EST: Romney says that the president’s entire Middle East policy is called into question because of what happened in Libya. Obama says that Romney’s statement that his administration would politicize the Libya terrorist attack is “offensive.” When Romney attempts to challenge the president’s statement that he called it an act of terror in the Rose Garden, Crowley says that the president is correct, drawing applause from the audience.

10:01 PM EST: Obama calls Romney out on saying that he would veto the DREAM Act and his plan for self-deportation. Does not bring up Romney’s plan for the fence separating US from Mexico.

9:54 PM EST: POTUS lays out exactly what he’s done in last 4 years to fulfill his campaign promises.

9:48 PM EST: Romney danced around question on how he’s different from Bush. Obama lists differences that Romney is different from Bush on social policy (he’s worse), but not different on economic policy.

9:46 PM EST: Romney flip-flops on contraceptives for women, claims that all women should have access, and government shouldn’t block access.

9:37 PM EST: POTUS goes after Romney on Planned Parenthood and cutting health options for women.

9:34 PM EST: Obama calls Romney on lying about plan to lower taxes, calls his plan “sketchy.” Says that he can’t say specifically what loopholes he plans to close to make his plan work. Says he can only talk about Big Bird and closing Planned Parenthood. POTUS is not playing games tonight.

9:31 PM EST: Romney lies again on lowering taxes on top 5% of Americans, even though he has been documented saying that.

9:27 PM EST: Obama says that when Romney says that he will give tax cuts to top 1%, we should believe him. He is not backing down tonight.

9:17 PM EST: Obama calls Romney  liar on auto industry. Brings up Bain, 1% issue.

9:12 PM EST: POTUS and Romney go back and forth on Detroit/Auto industry. Obama says Romney wanted to allow auto industry to go bankrupt. Romney says the president did allow Detroit to go bankrupt, so his plan, to go through bankruptcy and come out stronger, must have been right.

9:08 PM EST: POTUS makes general statement about energy and jobs but doesn’t directly answer question.

9:04 PM EST: College student asks will he be able to get a job after graduation. Mitt Romney claims that he knows what it takes to grow the economy and jobs. Says he presumes he’ll be president by 2014.

On Tuesday night, President Barack Obama and GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney will be going toe-to-toe in their second presidential debate at 9 p.m. EST at Hofstra University in Hempstead, N.Y. Keep abreast of it with NewsOne as we live blog the highly anticipated event, highlighting the high and low moments, here.

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